How beautiful she is!

Our earth, also called "the blue planet ", abounds with some 1.400 million km3 of water... That's the potential for unlimited quantities of hydrogen!
Provided, however, to know how to "extract it " cleverly...
Without pollution nor greenhouse gasses... And with no waste of primary energy...

But, unfortunately, to date...

95% of the world's hydrogen production is of fossil origin: it pollutes before it is even used!

For a "clean" energy (hydrogen combustion only gives off water!), this is a real ecological nonsense, as well as a historical mistake!

Due to obvious economical reasons...

Hydrogen by electrolysis is more expensive than fossil hydrogen, which is itself more expensive than natural gas! As for hydrogen from renewable electricity, it is the most expensive of all!

H2-Venture's clearly stated ambition is to make hydrogen the cheapest energy of all!

To produce unlimited quantities of clean and low-cost hydrogen, this is precisely what the H2-Venture Project is all about !
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Our mission: Make hydrogen accessible to everyone, anytime, and anywhere:
° Ecologically : Zero carbon,
° Economically: Low cost,
° Geographically: Decentralized and localized,
Technologically: Simple and reproducible.
Our goal is not only to "preserve" the planet or to "slow down" the current climate evolution... We want to do (significantly) more, and actively participate in the reversal of the energy trend.
More breathable air, for us and our descendants: This is our commitment!
We believe in a new development model, offering all the energy needed to serve enterprises, communities, and individuals, with fair and realistic access conditions.

Welcome to our "hydrogen planet "!

The H2-Venture innovation:

H2-Venture is an original and proprietary process of very high efficiency hydrogen production by electrolysis, based on continuous energy co-generation and re-generation.
With its unprecedented outputs, H2-Venture redefines "version 2.0" electrolysis, as a clean, economical and localized method of hydrogen production:


Low-carbon or even totally de-carbonated (depending on configurations & versions).


Very low primary power requirement and built-in native H2 compression.


On-Site & On-demand continuous production, without transport or storage losses.

In addition, H2-Venture's simple and robust technical architecture offers the following additional advantages:


Few moving parts and slow compression cycles, with low wear and tear, and high MTBF.


Remarquable scalability, covering a wide range of powers and applications from the same original principle.


H2-Venture is essentially made of affordable and sustainable materials.

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